Manufacturing Made Smart

Industrie 4.0 and smart manufacturing are taking over the manufacturing industry, with OEMs moving towards novel business models that call for innovative practices to manage equipment. Predict imminent equipment failures, reduce downtime and improve productivity by adopting smart Machine Learning programs to power your IoT initiatives. Smart AI makes plants and OEMs more productive, efficient and nimble while maintaining or exceeding quality standards. Cognitive hypergraphs and knowledge intelligence solutions power better prediction and uptime to enable machine-as-a-service.


Failure Prediction

Reduce equipment downtime, especially unplanned downtime, and improve productivity with AI solutions tied to IoT sensors. AI powered solutions predict failure long before any control points are breached based on pattern analysis. Causal inference on the failures can help identify cause of failures and even provide traceability to design.

Warranty Prediction

Predict the need for spares and servicing of equipment with AI powered solutions that function in tandem with IoT data and historical warranty information. Reduce downtime and improve inventory management of spares with the insights generated by these powerful prediction systems. These systems allow for guaranteed availability which enables machine-as-a-service offerings to customers.

Field Service Expert Systems

Improve field service response times, reduce equipment downtime and increase operational efficiency with cognitive hypergraphs. A hypergraph is created by mapping knowledge from multiple data sources including user manuals, assembly manuals, CAD data, IoT data and historical data. It predicts failures, cause of failures and possible solutions.

Customer Segmentation & Acquisition

Maximize your percentage of customer acquisitions with a more personalized approach. Micro-segmentation enables context management which provides actionable data on predicting customers’ needs. These insights can also be used for more successful cross-selling and up-selling. Naturally, more customers are better for business as well as profitability.

Customer Service

Employ the predictive abilities of AI programs to provide a satisfying and memorable customer experience. Improve customer experience with omni-channel AI solutions that optimize processes for quicker turnarounds with significant cost savings. Improve responses to customers’ needs with programmed IVR systems, email responders, web Q&A or chatbots.

Although AI is still in its nascent stages, it has incredible potential to transform your business. 80% of executives believe AI boosts productivity. (Business Wire)